After years of dancing and good music, ‘Club 69’ is continuing its mission in the same matter. With a list of many international and Belgian DJ’s who we’ve had a pleasure of hosting, we have reached a status of one of Belgians best nightclubs. Our success doesn’t come solely from how we work, but whom we work with. We have seen Ghent’s crowd grow with us, and we keep welcoming new faces to our dance-floor.

Now, we are placing emphasis on introducing not only Hip-Hop R&B, but electronic music as well, becoming one of Ghent’s top places where all music genres are covered in an intimate setting, provided by Belgian’s finest DJ’s, expanding the pleasure of nightlife from Friday evening to early hours of Sunday morning. We are working hard with young talent of Belgian nightlife and music scene, and constantly welcoming in new concepts and names, with our continous ‘More than a feeling’ motto. Expect to step into an environment where you will create new connections and above all, unique musical experiences! In September 2017 neighbours CLUB IIII recently joined CLUB 69 and the name has been changed to ROOM IIII. CLUB 69 is now a cozy club with 2 rooms with the best Hip-Hop from the past to the present